Stacking DRAM kits, how risky?

My quest to perfect my Threadripper 2950x server has me lusting after 128 gig of ram, at a decent speed. Running 64g at 3ghz right now, but that’s actually memory for my gamer, and I’d like it back.

I’ve been eye-balling 128g kits, but the prices are eye-watering for 3ghz+ speeds, nobody seems to be discounting them for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

So the cheapskate it me is very tempted to buy four heavily discounted 32g kits (2x16) and stack them to get 128g. Question is, how risky is that these days? I know from back in the early days of DDR3, quality control for sticks was so poor you were almost guaranteed to have problems mixing kits (I myself had this problem with very expensive Corsair DDR3 kits).

Is QC still so poor that you can’t combine sticks from multiple kits? What exactly is the problem? I do this with servers, both DDR3 and DDR4, but that ram costs a lot more than desktop ram.

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