Stable overclock GTX 680

Hi everyone.

First here is my gpu:

Asus GTX680-2GD5

Question 1:

I just started overclocking my gpu and the clockspeeds are at 1175MHz (offset 117) and Memory at 6350MHz (Offset 342. Power target at 118 (Offset 18) and min gpu Voltage 1000 (Offset 13).

I have searched for a higher stable overclock but i can't find any, and i was just wondering if any of you have a higher one?

Question 2:

Sometimes when i have it overclocked and i play BF3 all of the textures "fuck up" and it becomes unplayable. I have not tried it without the overclock, so can it be because of that?


Thanks for the help :D

Well it could be a bunch of different issues, id say try to push the Voltage higher if you havent already, and maybe try using a different program to OC the card

but one thing that caught my attention was the Texture problem you talked about in BF3, your Memory clocks are getting pretty high and the Textures corrupting could be a Memory issue, so id turn the memory frequency down a bit and see if you cant push the core some more.

Edit: Forgot to add, check your temps, especially your VRM temps, if the card or VRM get to hot they can cause a number of problems.

The temps will never get above 76 degrees celcius not in game, neither in stress test :)

I will try turning down the memory speed and give the core clock 10-more maybe. Will respond if the problem continues

Btw Thanks a lot :D

I Have a evga classified that i got to 1228 with a 125 power target and is stable, and something like a 6500 memory clock, its offset is +500 but its also a custom pcb card, so not sure how it can be compaired to yours

Here are some sceenshots of what sometimes happen :(

Can this be caused by to high Vram clock?

also what drivers are you using? its possible thats caused by the high memory clock though

Nvidia Geforce 314.22 Driver

Nvidia Geforce 314.22 Driver

If you return it to stock clocks does it still happen? Im using the 314.22 drivers as well and i dont have any issues

I havent had a chance to test that out because i haven't played a long session in a wile, but it happens fast with the overclock

Will be testing it tomorrow :)

Let me know if it does it still, since its a refrence card it might be too much of a oc

It was my Overclock :) now i just have to find a stable one :(

I am running 1185/1250 at 115% power target, stock Voltage, on my EVGA 4GB 680. You could try that; my GPU never goes above 67 degrees C under Furmark.

It's not stable for mine, you have a custom pcb i don't have one