Stability issues 5950X on Asus B550-F strix mobo

Very new to the forums.

I have a crashing issue with my 5950x on a ASUS B550-f Strix MB.
Something stops talking to the processer and a fatal error occurs.

Most noted while running Folding at home on Bios defaults but full powered.

ASUS strix RX580 8GB also running as best it can.

Drivers are all updated to date and bios as well. Ram is 64 GB 3200 CL 16 but still default.

It did finish the fold but at lowered Core clock of 4.3 GHz and was running 4.6 GHz when crashing.

This sounds like the issue above, I also believe that either there is a clock issue between RAM and CPU or RAM and Harddrive.

850w Gold PS.

When I look this up, driver error is the most I find and other say the RMA the CPU for something else.

I really want this CPU to work. I have heard it from different chips sets and MB manufactures.
Any update on the thread could be helpful.


Hi welcome to the forum.

I moved your particular question to a new topic.
This way it will get under the attention of other users on the forum.

I kindly ask if you could provide more detailed information about your particular system.
And add that to the OP.
This could help isolating the problem.

  • drives:
  • memory kit details.
  • OS.
  • cooling.


Grtz Angel. :slight_smile:

Did you already check if you are on the latest bios?

Is that even possible? Why put a top tier proc in a low tier board?

Like Angel said, make sure you are on the latest bios, and also see if the vendor even supports this configuration.

Thanks for the move.

Yes, latest BIOS, flash at build time. Dec’21

Running Windows 10 21H1

Run classroom bench mark multi-core for 30 minutes. No issues.

So at this time it only crash/reboots with Folding at home.
Board settings are still default.

I’ll post full set up details when home and have time.

An update. Got a minute to check on settings.

After watching Wendell and the level 1 troubleshooting a viewers machine.

Figuring something was up with the AIO cooler and not liking the pump whine. I looked up how to adjust it’s speed.

When looking in to it. I found the default to be 70c and anything above that would throttle.

Looking up the 5950x it can go to 90c.

Will update the default setting to be correct and add rubber buffers for the rad mount.

Will update post changes and testing.

Rubber mount to keep the AiO quiet. Worked great.

Still need to test the temp settings. So far so good.

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