SSHD's ?! Any experiences?

I have been looking at the Seagate SSHD's for a little while now I want it I think. and right now the new 2TB is only $20 more than the 1TB 

heres the link:


does anyone have any real world experience? it is all bang for your buck as advertised? or is it not enough like an ssd to never really achieve any noticable speed?

thanks for you inputs guys and gals (im sure there are at least a few gals in the forums)

I had one in my laptop before changin it to an ssd. SSHDD's are pretty bloody good though. Once it learns what to store in its ssds allocation its really good and boot times are quick but obviously not as quick as a ssd. That's quite a good price as well. Yeah I say go for it.

With a dedicated MLC Sata 3 SSD my boot times were around 10 sec.  Going to an SLC SSHD 500GB Seagate Momentus boot times only went up to 11 sec.  They are a good compromise when you can't afford a seperate SSD and HDD.  But it is going to depend on what you use them for.

Ah excellent! I was thinking I would use it for os and some storage and that later on i could get an ssd when the larger capacities are a bit cheaper. I am ok with the compromise i just wanted to be sure that it delivered some boost in performance.. thanks for the info guys

It gave me a decent speed boost on my older laptop, but then seemed to slow down over time. I switched to my newer laptop with windows 8 and it runs pretty snappy, although I think that's mostly windows 8. Caching seems limited with just 4GB of cache. I found intel's srt technology to be much more effective and doesn't slow down over time. Also SanDisk's Ready Cache is only $40 - $50, I think the price alone is worth the speed boost.

If you're looking for a fast laptop hard drive for a cheap price, go with the seagate SSHD, if this is for a desktop build, then I suggest the SanDisk's ReadyCache.