SSHD with additional caching SSD

Hi guys, does anyone know if you can setup a SSHD with an additional caching SSD and if yes, how does this setup perform? Does it boost the performance of the SSHD, does it perform like a regular HDD and caching SSD setup or does it perform like crap? Can the firmware of the SSHD even handle such a setup? Sorry if these questions sound stupid to you, but I'm very curious if somebody has actually tried a setup like this. Thanks for your replies in advance.




I have a 1tb 3.5 in HDD that I am using intel SRT with a 64gb ssd and it does improve the performance noticeably in things I do often

@ragingh4vok:  I think you misunderstood something. A SSHD is an hybrid drive that already has a small NAND Flash integrated (Seagate Momentus XT or Seagate SSHD). My question was about combining an hybrid drive with an additional caching SSD. I know that an HDD gets a significant speedboost with a caching SSD, but what about an hybrid drive?

It will be very negligible.

The Flash memory on an SSHD is SLC, so it's as fast as it gets especially for writes.

HOWEVER, if you have a lot of hot(often accessed data) then additional mlc/tlc caching with the ssd WILL improve the access speed of that data.

In short, it's only worth it if you have a lot of hot data, less than that and you won't see any noticeable improvement.