Is it worthy to spend the extra $$$ on a sshd instead of a hdd for gaming and for everyday use? I already have a ssd 256gb x2. What you guys recommend using the ssd for besides the os? Also 1 or 2 sshd or hdd and wat capasity is decent? 

Well since im posting here: i bought the swiftech h240-x dual 140mm fans so i guess its a 280mm rad. Im running the fx-8350 so we now airflow is needed, but the case/s i have in mind are the (nzxt h440), (fractal design define r4 does this cpu cooler fit on the top panel) wat u guys recommend? 

Big thank you in advance!!!

I just found out the cooler dont fit in the r4 :(

It depends on your needs. I use two 512gb kingston ultra SSDs in RAID0 as I don't require that much space in my laptop. Incase there is a failure, I have a 500gb portable backup drive, which I only use to backup my photos. You see, I am not being extremely cautious about my data. If one drive fails, I will lose everything and after swapping the disk I have to do a fresh install. I am not a big fan of RAID4,5's parity structure and have all my crucial work data backed up constantly to the university data repository which has crazy RAID configurations and extensive backup policy. As long as my photos are safe, I am cool with it.

So it boils down to your requirements. My brother uses a SSD for the system and couple of WD 4tb reds in RAID 0 for his movie collection and he also has a leftover WD 2tb green from a previous build attached to the system. All I can say that his HDD performance is not good at all :P