SSH Clients

I'm the kinda guy who has lots of SSH sessions open at once. Anybody know of an application where I can have like tabs or something with all the different terminals?

k thx

on what OS, windows?

I'm not sure about Windows but on Linux I use openssh-client and open separate tabs in my terminal for each ssh session.

If you're using Linux, TMUX would probably be good for your use case.



MobaXterm - have not only tabs but also can replace WinSCP
I wanted to recommend Personal edition, but I see they have now only Home (heavy limitations) or Professional (not free).


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there's also Bitkinex. also supports multi-part downloading . Edit: mispoke. it's primarily SFTP, but has an easy button for connecting via ssh.

I used MTPutty
but switched to

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I'll second this one.

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On windows 10 use bash for windows and install gnuscreen or tmux to taste. Same goes for any *nix OS.

Use it at work constantly. Very simple to use and does more than just ssh. Free and open source as well.


I use super putty

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Moba Xterm. Supports SSH, VNC, Telenet, RDP, you name it, it supports it.


I just use terminal tabs and setup my bash file to automatically name the tabs according to the connection name. Haven't ever bothered to setup anything more complex. Tmux is good though I hear.

I've started using SmarTTY recently on Windows. It has the ability for multiple tabs and also includes SCP functionality as well.

Terminator(has tabs + split screen) and always make sure you have TMUX running so you only use one SSH to one PC.

Use Ubuntu that is installed in Windows 10. Windows itself still suck with SSH that is why they implemented Ubuntu.

Cygwin with tmux. It's under utils.

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This is what I was going to recommend.

Oops, sorry, didn’t see how far back this went…