SSD Upgrade

Hi folks,

Its time to reinstall my Windows. At the moment it sits on a 240gb SSD from Samsung.

Because same games and programs realy benefit from SSD the 240gb, including Windows 8, gets filled up realy

quickly. Im going to buy two more SSD so I that games, programs and Windows will sit on separate harddrives. 

The existing SSD will be used for my games, I buy another 240gb SSD for my porgrams.

But im not sure what size the Windows 8 (boot) SSD should have. I mean even 64 gb are more than enough but

they are not as fast in longterm usage as a 128gb or 240 gb ssd. 

(the SSds im going to buy will have at least the specs of the smansung evo 840 i already have, read 550 / write 520 mb)

Does the smaller size 64gb would slow down Windows in longterm usage ( > 6h) so I should buy a bigger one or will they work fine for windows only?

Thanks for your answers !



Hi Tyrannis


The small SSD should be fine.

I think that the reason why larger drivers are generally faster is because it uses more memory chips. More memory chips mean's that when you are transferring data the controller does not get bottle necked by the memory chips so much. It can transfer to multiple ones at the same time.

Hi Hexram


Thank you for your answer! You saved me some maney ;D