SSD too slow

Hi everyone,

i got an intel 520 series 120gb ssd in my system which seems awfully slow. In CrystalDiskMark it only has a read Speed of 368mb/s and a write speed of 155mb/s (sequential). My Mobo is a Asrock z77 extreme 4, the ssd is connected a sata 6gb/s port that is controlled by the z77 chipset (not a third party one). Also the Drive is about 79% but i dont know if that would affect a ssd. Do i need some additional Drivers?

I would love to post a screenshot of the results here but i cant figure out how to upload a picture :P.

Thanks for your help



is it a new ssd or did you buy it secondhand? and crystal disk mark says its 79% or its 79% free/full?

its completely new, i just installed the intel ssd toolbox and everything was still at a 100%. Do i need to plug it in some port on the Asrock z77 extreme 4 in particular? Becuase i optimized everything through intel ssd toolbox and the results didnt change. Now that i freed it up a bit, its 69% full

Have you set the ssd to AHCI mode in the bios? 

And are you shure its the sata iii vershon (as intel makes a sata ii and a sata iii vershon)

This a is what a ssd vershon iii looks like (this is mine i get around 480Mb/s R/W 250Mb/s sequential)


those would be great numbers for sata2 but the drive is sata3

 and the port is sata3 , trim support? firmware?

try a secure erase with partition magic it writes 1s to all cells so they are all fresh to windows

now i just had a look into my bios and the port is indeed sata3, but im still a bit unsure if maybe the port im using uses a third party controller which causes the speed to be so slow, im gonna download crystaldiskinfo now

how do i post screenshots?

[img] picture url here [/img]  no spaces like this

[img] [/img]

yeah but without uploading it to some image hosting site, also the drive is in ahci mode, sata 3 with all the latest intel drivers and programs. i really dont get it. Is my drive broken? I mean in all programs like crystaldiskmark the status is good

now i plugged the ssd into a different sata3 port and the Read speeds are now at 481 mb/s but the write speeds are still at 157 mb/s

sata ports 1&2 should be the z77 controlled ports

Did you do a fresh install of windows or did you clone your old drive?

i did a fresh install

without a secure erase your drive may be cluttered with fragment windows has to consider a choice of action for.

try a secure erase with partition magic it writes 1s to all cells so they are all fresh to windows

Go to windows start enter CMD  enter this in cmd      winsat disk -drive c    

(Mines a little slow at the moment ive got games and programs running from the disc afecting the speed test)


This is useualy more accurate than 3rd party disc benchmark softwhere if its still to low it maybe you need new firmware from intel for the ssd driver if that still dosent fix things it may be a duff drive

this is my boot drive, im not sure i can erase it. Or did i understand that wrong?

yeah so with the cmd method suddenly everything got a whole lot quicker, 497.98 MB/s Seq Read and 454.76 MB/s Seq Write... :D

i guess my problem is solved. Now what i also did is to set my ssd to ssd mode in the bios (had it in hdd mode before)

great thanks to everyone

try a secure erase with partition magic it writes 1s to all cells so they are all fresh to windows

does mean data loss a reinstalling windows

but part magic is a full featured utility run in a linux distro from a boot environment

after erase you can partition it to ntfs

dvd or flash drive boot


sweet that's the ticket nod nod wink wink ;) ;)