***SSD Technology Pop Quiz!***

Match this use case to an accurate purchasing decision based on bang for buck that supports the use case.


You are a hardcore gamer that plays modern bling bling FPS's and/or an old MMO that's bleeding out. You cherish your online archive of games through X and Y content delivery systems. You work two jobs totaling $40k a year. You read this forum on a daily basis and love staying up to date on new technologies. Your [BRANDREDACTED] hard drive is failing and you just read about NVMe drives. You beg your uncle that works at [TOPCOMPANYREDACTED] to hook you up with one of the new Z170 boards before they even hit the market. You bought all the shiz to build a new system and all that's left to buy is the drive.


  1. One 512MB NVMe PCIe connected SSD Hotcake Sporting 16nm NAND with a flaming 2,000 seq read and 1,300 smoking write + 600k lightning IOPS - Cost 2X

  2. One 512MB AHCI SATA3 6Gbps with 550 seq read and 500 seq write + 90k IOPS OF PWNAGE - Cost 1X

Provide a link to an article that shows the performance benefits of your choice compared to the other choice.

2X is twice 1X - Given choice #2 is a .50c/GB that would put choice #1 at $1/GB

Good luck. Hype engine engaged.

If you answered #2 you win.

*Exceptions do exist, but 98% of consumers will never tax #2, ever.

depends how badly you want to stroke your epeen

1 for epeen stroking

2 for common sense

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Why not both?

A 256GB NVMe drive for your os and games and a 512GB ssd for general storage with no mechanical hard drives.

idk, i use an ssd boot drive, and 2 1tb WD mech drives

Choice number two is the more value oriented one. Unless you have an extra $300 burning a hole in your wallet, go with a SATA SSD.

Personally I have a 256GB SATA SSD as my boot drive and a 4TB Hybrid drive for storage, and a 1TB drive for even more storage because I'm a data hoarder and can't delete anything.

Never thought I'd see that written so soon.
Its really awesome how far prices have dropped

If I had to choose, common sense would be telling me to go for #2, since the hardcore gamer in the scenario doesn't do anything else but play the games/ wasn't mentioned he does any productivity that would justify the purchase of the NVMe. Though if the gamer in question wants to stay on the edge of tech, as he loves staying up to date on new tech, he'd have to go for the NVMe.

Damn, those are some stats!

Because there aren't real world benefits for a C drive running a NVMe/PCIe for 98% of of scenarios.

If you have 10gig ethernet at home 750s it can speed up moving things stuff from 1 pc to another or to a fast freenas box as long as receiving end keeps up with the speed it offer. Once I start building proper freenas box I`ll get more of them to try them out as caching device. No real benefit to buy ultrafast ssd just for the purpose of having them. I love pcie ssd on a card, made life easier for me. I used plextor m6e like a ultrafast pendrive, no need to connect any cables, just plug it , moves the stuff quickly.