SSD Swap question

Hey guys whats up. Been a long long time subscriber on YT since a little after razethew0rld change and I guess you could say secret creeper on the site but haven't been on the forums, first post here!


Anyways I got an odd question. I'm looking into ultrabooks and I pretty much have the laptop I want picked out, Asus S400CA, I'm going to buy it and put a 500gb samsung SSD in it. Here's my question...


I've worked with SSDs before and I've always heard imaging a HDD to SSD is not as good as a clean install on SSD. So I'd prefer to put the SSD in then load Win8 on it and start fresh, since it will be a new laptop I won't have anything on it. I know the Win8 license key will be on the bottom of the laptop and I can enter that to activate Win8 but I don't have any Win8 media.


So how would I go about this? Once I get the laptop can I call Asus and will they provide me with a Win8 disc (I have a usb cd drive I can use)? or should I try and find some other way of getting Win8 install disc then use the license key on bottom of laptop?


Help much appreciated thanks!

When you buy laptops most of them (depending on the company) come with an with OEM disc. If not somewhere on the computer they should have a backup utility that should provide you with a window 8 ISO that you can put onto a flashdrive or DVD.