Ssd spanning help

so have bought 2 ssd's and a second 2TB HDD.  i have windows installed on my first 2TB HDD and i want to put it on the ssd's along with a few games and use the 2 2TB HDD's as mass storage. 

i would like span them so that one gets full it overflows on to the second one.

i currently have windows 8 installed on one HDD so how would i go about putting removing it and putting it on the ssd'd and how would i go about setting up the span on the ssd's 

Well you could connect the two SSDs in RAID 0. That would give you double the space and insane speed and present it to the OS as one logical drive. 

Spanning is quite easy though.

This article calls it RAID but it really isn't.

Usually your SSD will come with migration software to move the OS but I usually recommend a clean install.

i have windows installed on a different drive. should i un plug that one ?  and install it on one of the ssd's ?

external drive, pull off what you want. RAID 0 SSDs, install windows, format 2TB, begin installing programs, put data back on from external(should be documents only)