SSD Setup Questions

So I'm planning to upgrade my computer on/around Black Friday with a ~128GB SSD.  I've never actually used a SSD before, and am currently running everything off one WD Blue 1TB Drive, one partition.

So after I purchase my SSD, what steps do I need to do to set it up?  Do I have to totally reinstall windows, reformat my HDD, and install all the programs again, or what?

Depends on the partitions you made on that 1 TB hdd. If you only have on big (1tb) partition then yes, you should format it so you don't have any future issues. If you have divided it into lets say drive C for windows and programs, drive D for games, drive E for something else than you only need to format drive C since you will be putting the OS on that new SSD and you will now have free space (drive C) which you can use it as it is for something else, or merge it with another empty partition (drive D or E if they are empty).

Thanks.  Looks like I'm going to have to re-install windows, as i just have one large 1TB partition.

Do you want to use it as a cache for you existing setup or have it as a stand alone drive?

If you want to cache then if your board supports Intel Smart Response Tech then you are in luck, watch this on how to easily set it up.    old vid but same principles apply. There is also the option if you have an Asus board that supports the AI suite - there is an app in that utility that setups up the ssd caching in just a few clicks.

You wont need to re-install anything if you want to have the ssd as a stand alone drive, there are OS migration tools out there to help >> paragon <<< and many others. No doubt your ssd either came with a disc that has a migration app or at least a link in the paperwork to where a free one is available from the manufacturer. There are also lots of other apps (mostly free) that will do the same thing.Once the OS has been migrated to the ssd, you'll need to get into the BIOS to set the ssd to be first in the boot order before the mechanical HDD. From there you can wipe the mechanical HDD and start fresh.

Hope this helps.