SSD set up

Set up: Laptop, 1TB - 5400, 32GB SSD (Back up, mSATA). Boot Time is too slow.

I play Skyrim, Minecraft and some other games. If I get a new mSATA SSD should I go 60GB (cheaper) and just install the OS and leave everything else on the HDD or do I want my games to be on the SSD as well (buy a larger one)?

I run Win 7 ATM. Not sure how to reinstall my OS on a new drive. Do I need an OS disk from Microsoft? Would I benefit from the hard drive grouping that Win8 does?

If you know of any good deals drop me a link. I'm pretty much just using newegg ATM.

My advice would be to just buy a good sized ssd - 250gb or so and migrate your os so forth to the new drive. Samsung supply a very straight forward migration utility for users. Otherwise, just download the iso or create a bootable dvd, track down your license key, place new drive in laptop, run install, etc etc.

Then I suppose chuck that mechanical hdd in a usb3 case and use it as backup.

You could also look at a hybrid ssd/hdd but in all honesty I would go for a ssd.