SSD Raid 0 Setup Error

So I put in my 2 850 EVOs and created 2 simple partitions. I then went into BIOS and put the SATA from AHCI to RAID. However when I restarted and went into BIOS (Ctrl+I) it only showed me my 2 additional SSDs, OS and Games drive (4 total).

What did i do wrong?

If you already have stuff on the drives, you did this in reverse order. You need to setup the raid 0 before you even partition the drive. If you have data on it and can still read the data by switching back to ahci mode, I would take an image of the drive with Acronis, or clonezilla or whatever you want to use. Recreate the raid 0 (you are adding both disks to a stripped array under setup right?) and load the image back to the new raid 0 array.

Also something to consider is NOT doing a raid 0 on your ssds. With many raid controllers especially ones onboard motherboards, enabling raid DISABLES the ability for the system to use TRIM. If you can't run TRIM on your SSDs eventually they will slow down to a crawl anyways.

I have 3 Samsung 840 Pros all setup as individual disks. I took them out of a raid 0 because the performance was not that much greater and the TRIM issue. I have one for my OS, one for STEAM, and one for data. This works for me.

I deleted the partitions but they still don't show up in BIOS.

So... You listed an issue. Yet you haven't listed the one important piece of information that seem to be related to your issue. What motherboard are you using? Another is, have you even looked at the manual on how to setup up a RAID array?


With what I am reading ITT, all you did was switch to RAID mode without setting up the volume to be used.

Actually with IRST, TRIM does exist on SSDs in RAID 0.

Asus Maximus Hero 6.

And yes.

Did you set up the volume?

I have not. They are unallocated. I thought I have to setup RAID first?

If you have setup the RAID already, then you set up the Volume after.

Care to explain what IRST is?

Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Basically any motherboard that supports it after late 2012 can have TRIM enabled through RAID 0

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Ok done. Still not detecting them in RAID.

Is that purely Intel thing or do AMD have/will have it too?

I believe it should be an Intel only thing.

Yes, I am running an AMD setup. No RAID + TRIM support here. :(

Correct, Any intel mobo from the z77 onwards
Im currently running raid 0 with trim on a z87-ws