SSD Problems

Hello,i recently bought a KIngston Hyper X SSD for my gaming rig, the only problem is that i had windows on my HDD, now i want to put it and its settings on my SSD. ive put windows onto my SSD but i cant figure out how to make it so my SSD boots to the same windows desktop,games,settings. anybody know how i can copy my windows and put it onto my SSD.

--- assuming you have the windows install on your hdd---

format ssd, then use migration software to move your os to the ssd.

otherwise, its a matter of starting again mate unless you want to torture yourself in editing everything manually.

Ok so this is the problem i have windows on both my SSD and my HDD, i used my product code to pu twindows onto my SSD, so  how would i go about this problem (can you link an article or something)

Install windows onto the SSD... put whatever's critical onto your SSD,.. format the HDD... adjust your mobo BIOS to boot from the SSD... done... redownload whatever games or whatnot and done

You can use your activation code as many times as you like.