SSD only showing 4 gb

So I got a laptop and I realized it had a 32 gig msata SSD which was used for recovery and I thought to erase it and install windows on it so when I eliminated the partition the ssd is reading only 4 gigs now and that is with me going into the manage partitions part and everything I dont know if a special way of erasing the disk would help or what should I do. This is my first time posting, please help me out guys and gals.

What comes to mind when reading adminstracion de discos :p
But in all seriousness could you burn a ubuntu live disk and check your partitions in that (in my opinion it works better for partition managment when you're not running of your disks/linux works better for disk managment)

Its probably designed as a ssd cache

If you want - grab a linux live cd (any distro will do) and run gparted to see the partitions. Delete all and any partitions off the ssd and then boot back into windows - use disk management to format it.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I knew I would get help in tek syndicate and I finally was able to give linux a try and I really like it, if there is a way that I could get ADOBE to work on it I would totally use it as my primary OS. Again, thanks a lot.

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Have a go at running your adobe programs through WINE

Alternatively you could use native linux programs to get the same result

Image editing - GIMP
Vector graphics - Inkscape
For the bootable storage manager
For making the USB

That's another on for Linux!!

You could run a vm with windows on it to run adobe in :p