SSD not recognised when overclocking BCLK

I recently bought a Sabrent Rocket 2TB PCIE 3.0 edition NVME M.2 SSD. I have a P9X79 WS Mobo which is a bit too old for M.2 so I also have a generic PCIE adapter for it.

So I usually run an overclock on both the multipliers and the BCLK to get a higher overclock. However whenever I increase the BCLK beyond 100 the SSD is no longer shown in the OS. (Can’t check on motherboard BIOS is too old) . Why is this? Can it be fixed?

I have a theory that it may be the fault of the very simple circuitry on the PCIe adapter, but I honestly have no idea.

There’s nothing you can really do. Pcie devices HATE changes in BCLK. That’s why no one really uses it anymore.

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That sucks RIP my cool 4.6GHz overclock…

I assume you are using the PCIE 1.0 adapter?
My advice to you would be to get an SSD port adapter.
even though it will run at SSD speeds, you know you aren’t going to get the speed that drive is capable of anyway, but my best guess would be the drive is having a problem with the adapter in this configuration. besides, the SSD ports will probably give you the best possible speeds for drives in that system. Hope this helps!



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