SSD maxed out all the time pls halp

My SSD is maxed out at 99% all the time and my PC is pretty much unusable. I'm sure the motherboard is dying because on a different SATA port it works fine and the R/W speeds ar fine.

Use the different Sata port.

Make sure trim is on and or different port - use one off the chipset if you're not already

Also I have noticed that sometimes when booting into windows after some time the disk can bee pegged at 100% doing something for about 10 minutes, I found it while troubleshooting a Linux thing, but this does not seem to be the case for you since yours is under 100% load all the time, which I interpret as always from the time you installed windows, so that’s a place to start.

what the heck you running? to have over 300MB+ read/write usage? Ever try ccleaner? hijackthis?

Haha, exactly my response I was looking into why I got a mount warning while in Linux and it said I needed to properly shutdown windows to mount (Raised flag since Hib file detected).

Anyway after scratching my head for a while I saw that my SSD was pegged at 100% for 10 minutes, perhaps TRIM? but this is probably not the issue for the tread since his have been "at 99% all the time" which indeed is much longer than 10 minutes.

The thing is that I'm not really running anything. And I haven't tried using ccleaner, because i didn't know about it and I'm getting a new motherboard today, as that only seemed to happen on 1 sata port