SSD locked problem, Please help!

So I have an ASRock H170M Pro4 and recently it decided to lock my SSD (Micron SSD) after i put a HDD in it temporarily to mess with the OS on said HDD. Anyways when i put the SSD back in and the BIOS stopped before the OS could be loaded from the SSD and said the SSD was locked... I didn't put a password on it in fact I have never even typed anything in the BIOS for that matter. Not only that but I can't format the SSD even in another system, (im not concerned about my data, I have a backup) I heard there was a way to override it in Linux and format it. Is this possible? and if so how do I do it? Your help would be GREATLY appreciated as I contacted ASRock support and 4 days later no response.

Could be a security freeze lock. That can be removed by power cycling the SSD.
While your system is powered on, disconnect the SATA power from the SSD and plug it back in. Try to boot again.

If that doesn't work, I haven't got a clue, sorry :D

Also, it could be that... If you still can't boot from it or format it, try to do a secure erase on the SSD. Secure erase basically just returns the SSD to factory default state.
You can use HDDErase for example which is capable of sending the ATA secure erase command to the SSD. Here's Crucial's guide to using it. (you're probably gonna need to do the power cycle here as well)

There's also other utilities out there that does this (send a secure erase command) so if HDDErase doesn't work, look around for something else.
You could use a live linux distro with hdparm for example

Thanks for the suggestions firstly, unfortunately none the methods worked. I did try a Drive Scrubber DVD that I have but Even though it succeed wiping the disk (Single full pass) It still had a password. At that point i though it was the BIOS but when I put the SSD into a Dell pc it too said there was a password on the SSD. I did find a bigger faster SSD for $70 though so its not a giant loss.