SSD Knowledge

This is a question for anyone who wishes to answer it, But could you adress it or perhaps do a video on how to setup an SSD with and without pre-existing hard drives? Most videos out there just assume we are supposed to know what to do and with the steadily declining price/gb ratio more and more people are considering SSDs. Thx in advance from a long time fan.

If you don't have a HDD already you just plug the SSD into your motherboard, make sure it is set to AHCI mode in the bios, then install windows. It's that simple. If you already have a HDD and wish to duplicate the OS on the SSD just install the SSD into the computer, boot into your old HDD and run the cloning software. 

Installing windows is really simple, all you do is make sure your DVD/USB drive containing windows is in the computer before you turn it on. When your compute is turning on you need to either enter the boot menu (your motherboards splash screen should tell you what key to press) or configuring your bios to automatically boot from your cd drive or usb drive. From this point you just follow the on screen instructions and when selecting where to install windows make sure you pick your SSD. If you are installing windows from a usb drive onto your SSD this process will be the fastest.

As for cloning your OS this should also be fairly simple. I have never tried but here is a video showing the process with OCZ software.


But would this work if I wanted to transfer just my OS over to my SSD?

It should. I haven't tried it but that is the entire purpose behind cloning software. It really is that simple.

Edit: If your asking about transferring JUST the OS (no programs, games, documents, etc) then you should just do a fresh install of your OS on the drive instead of cloning. One thing I didn't mention before is that if you are doing a fresh install of your OS, the SSD should be the only drive connected to your motherboard. You can plug in the other drives after the installation. This way you don't get a boot loader put on the other drives.

That's awesome man, last time I used a cloning software was 4-5 years ago and you had to partition everything and it was just a mess, Thank you soo much for your help and insight!

Well if your HDD is bigger than your SSD then you may in fact need to partition your HDD. Like I said I haven't used it before. But partitioning a hard drive only takes a few seconds so it still shouldn't be too much trouble.