SSD is registering, HDD is not

I just recently built a pc and I installed a 120gb ssd along with a WD 1TB HDD. Windows was installed onto the ssd and now when i am planning on downloading something i dont even have the option to store new game downloads onto the hard drive. my question is how do i run windows from my ssd and install and play games from my hard drive.

Does your other drive show up when you go to my computer?

No. Only my optical drive and ssd show up. When i was initially installing windows i had the option to choose either or.

Go to disc management in windows and you will see the drive there you need to format it for first use.

i cant find anything on it man i assume your running the same setup as me. when i build mine it was literally just plug and play. make sure your power and sata cables are plugged into hdd. otherwise i dont know what to say. sorry man 

You have to partition the hdd. Start > right click computer > manage > disk management > right click the hdd > add volume (i think) keep clicking next after that

Figured it out. thanks all