SSD in LSI 1068e not running at SATA 2 speeds

I just upgraded my hand me down Dell T7500 workstation at work with a couple of Samsung 850 EVO SSDs in RAID 1 using the built in RAID controller. Anyway they are only negotiating at 1.5gbps instead of the 3gbps the controller supports. Any ideas? The other array of mechanical Seagate drives run at 3gbs just fine.

Maybe a dud controller? I had a 1068e break in a server once, one port refused to work.

If you can maybe try them in different bays/ports.

I don't think I'll be able to; I've got all 4 ports used with 2 RAID 1 arrays; 1 array is the Samsung SSDs and the other is the Seagate mechanical drives. All ports seem to be working fine as the controller is showing that all 4 drives exist.

I;ve had the same problem with a SATAIII SSD on an older AMD SATAII controller. No solution though.

Did a little looking on eBay and it looks like a SATA 3 6gbps PCIe RAID card can be had fairly cheap; does that seem like a good upgrade?

Got a new RAID card it and it made all the difference. Everything is now running as fast as it should.