SSD idea!

Hi guys,seeing that tomorrow will be the PrimeDay on Amazon i'm thinking to buy a SSD.I think that a 120GB is kind of enough for me seeing that i have another 2 (a 1TB WD and external 500GB WD).Doing some research i have noticed the the Samsung 850EVO is one of the best and the 120'version costs about 70euros.There are many out there,which one is reliable,i have heard that Kingston's SSD are rubbish,at least on latest releases.


The EVOs are great. You might also want to check out some of OCZs stuff. The Arc 100 240gb model is 100€. The one I have got 495mb read and 450mb write. One guy had it die after 7 months but it could just be bad luck.

Yea 850 EVO 1+ here 840 evo wasn't good due to a bug butt the 850 is great with the added benefit of 5 year warranty.

What bug? I had one and haven't had any problems.

It was a read performance bug on the 840 evo. Over time the drive read speeds would slow to a crawl. Usually only affected older files. It was a hot topic on the net for awhile since the 840 evo was a very popular drive. There were fixes. I had the issue but the fix by samsung worked for me.

You sure you haven't ? As considering it effected nearly everyone I'd be surprised if you weren't getting the same problem too. Most people didn't notice until they actually bothered to check there read speeds.

I am current using a 120 GB 850 EVO SSD on my Desktop with the 120GBs split equally between Ubuntu 15.04 and Windows 8.1 and have no complaints with the drive so far. The read/write speeds are consistently fast but I've only had it since the end of April so I can't say whether the drive will take a performance decrease when it gets older. My only problem right now is that 60GBs is barely enough for Windows 8.1 but if you are not using more than 1 OS on the SSD then the storage shouldn't be an issue.

I have the 850 pro and love it. I got it for the 10 year warranty over the evos 5. I would however recommend a 240/256gb drive instead. Just to have that headroom, might come in handy at some stage, but if you know what you need ignore that and get what size you like.

I didn't know of the issue and I didn't experience it. I used CrystalDisk before I gave it to a friend and speeds were at the normal 545 read and not sure of the write. I didn't experience slowdowns or hickups

I gave it to a friend. When I got my OCZ I used CrystalDiskMark to compare the two. My Evo got 545mb/s read and I can't remember the write. I didn't notice any hickups or slowdowns. I got it in December of 2013

Not sure if a benchmark like CrystalDiskMark would see the speed decrease. There was a simple SSD Speed Test tool that most used to identify the issue. Anyway, you got rid of the drive so not an issue anymore... lol

Benchmarks wouldn`t notice that, problem was with existing data , not fresh data created by benchmarks

I will say I have an Adata, think its the premier pro, 256 gig and I love it. Couple second boot time, great loading times for league (one of the few games I didnt put on my platter drives) and no issues what so ever. Best of luck! Let us know what you get

What about SanDisk,are they good?...

It doesn't really matter but it baffles me that I didn't even know about it. My Windows boot time was the same from I got it till I got rid of it.

I have a 830 and an 840 EVO. My evo does too suffer from the firmware problem and as far as I know they have not fixed the firmware problem yet. Samsung has also had a problem with enterprise SSDs where the TRIM function runs wild and trims all kinds of data, even file systems (resulting in a system crash and the need to rebuild the file system). There fore Samsung is dead to me in terms of SSDs for the next year or two.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Samsung is not the only SSD manufacturer out there. My last SSD purchase was from PNY (120 Gig, got enterprise cells whatever that is worth) was about as expensive as a comparable Samsung drive.

They're ok enough, on the lower end of their range the write speeds are a little shit but if you got a sandisk for the right price (cheaper than a samsung for the same capacity) then it would be well worth considering. Pretty sure they come with a 3yr warranty. I've got an Sandisk Extreme 120g kicking about, is a few years old now and has had lots and lots of whole re-writes (linux distros), still soldiering on fine.

I will use it with only 1 OS and at this moment and i have 2 games installed.Done....i've bought the Samsung 850 EVO 120GB for 68.50Euros,is much or not i don't know seeing that this is my first SSD but from all mentioned above(and i THANK to you all ) i went for this one seeing that has a 5years warranty and because i'm not a lucky person this was a + for me.Some ideas on how to deal now with moving windows from my current HDD to this one?