SSD help!

I just bought a new ssd and want to use it as a boot drive.  Only problem is that I have all my drivers on the HDD and I have a one time upgrade to windows professional.  I'dreally hate to start fresh or reinstall/ rebuy all that software. Please help!

I can recommend Acronis but it isnt cheap.

There are free imaging tools kicking around, but none are near as good. I used this:

It worked but I did a fresh install after. Just felt sluggish.

My HDD is also too big for the SSD.  Maybe I could partition off the OS?

Well. I'd say get an external harddrive (borrow one if you need to) or do you have another internal HDD? Move off everything except programs and windows, flash over. Then reload everyhing you took off. Its the easiest way. 

You might be able to partion the OS, but it might be a tad risky. Could get pretty crazy.

Could I unplug the main harddrive then install the new os and drivers on the SSD.


I believe that would end up with the same problem. You would have a hard drive with the OS you couldnt get rid of off it haha. I did this same process. I just got my HDD down to the SSD drive size using a external HDD. Sorry thats the best I can do for help. :/

Also could I delete the OS somehow?


Unplug the main harddrive then install the new os and drivers on the SSD and then boot into the bois and change the boot drive to the SSD.