SSD Freezing Prevention?

Hello everyone I have a question about preventing SSD freezing. I've had my SSD freeze up before and I have to turn it on and let it idol for about 20 minutes and then restart about 2-3 times and it works fine for a week or two. My question is if there is any way to prevent this from happening. I have a crucial m4 120gb SSD coupled with a 2tb harddrive. I use my machine mainly for gaming.

What do you mean by freezing?

It could be firmware or it could be the active garbage collection feature screwing around.

Could you explain more about what you do to get it to work, when you say "turn it on and let it idol for 20 mins" do you mean you turn the PC on and let it sit there with a blackscreen not booting for 20mins then restart a few times to get it to boot? if the answer is yes try this

Disconnect the SATA cable from the SSD but leave the Power plugged in

Turn on the PC and leave it for 6-8 Hours

if its a laptop turn it on and enter the bios and leave it for 6-8 hours

this allows the active garbage thingy work and to clean out the cells of the ssd, it should work ok after this if it was active garbage causing the issue

 Then do this to stop it doing it again.

- Go to Control Panel 
- Go to Hardware and Sound 
- Go to Power Options 
- Select Change Plan Settings 
- Select Change Advanced Settings 
- Make sure the 'hard disk' field is set to ‘never’ (Laptop users select 'battery and power adapter').

This might be it but it could still just be the firmware.

The SSD would just stop working, my computer would freeze because the operating system is on it, and then it wouldnt be recognized by the system unitl i did the idoling thingy.

Yes the thing i did to fix it was what you refered to in your answer. Thanx for the advice.

And what active thing were you refering too? 

Garbage Collection

The process whereby stale blocks of memory are reclaimed via reading and rewriting is called garbage collection, and it plays an important role in maintaining SSD performance. This capability can be implemented in different ways, and the way a vendor schedules garbage collection plays a big role in determining a drive's performance characteristics.

Its built into the SSD so theres nothing you have to do to make it work. 

The issue you described tho is caused by windows settings tho, on your drive it seems that the way your drive does garbage collection is when the drive is idle (not being used). If you have your windows power management set to "turn HDD's off when idle" then the garbage collection cant happen as its turned off by windows when it wants to clean itself.