SSD for Dad's MacBook Pro

I recently bought a 256GB SSD for my gaming tower, im 15 and my dad was blown away by how fast it was. He has a macbook pro and uses alot of photoshop. I was thinking for christmas why not get him a 512 GB SSD in replacement for his 500GB HDD 5400 rpm. 

*The question*

Is it against warranty to install your own in a macbook? I heard things about OS X not playing well with the SSD's, is this still true? Should I go for an SSD or a Hybrid Drive? 

yes, it will violate it, and upgrading macbook.... unpossible

Thanks for the reply, darn apple. 

No it won't assuming you can upgrade now that apple is trying to lock their hardware as much as possible. Upgrading a Macbook Pro's RAM and Storage will not violate anything. I have added a Crucial M4 256GB to my macbook pro as well as crucial 8GB of RAM and ran into no problems with warranty rules.  Best course of action is to keep the original hardware that came with the macbook pro in case it is needed for the warranty full system replacement(ie replace upgrades with original hardware before sending it in for warranty replacement). As much hate that is coming to apple now that they are hardcore patent trolling they still have great customer service.

It depends on how old the Macbook is. I know for a fact that you can't upgrade the newest ones on the market, but if it's anything older than the current generation, then you should still be able to upgrade the RAM and hard drive. If you do replace the hard drive, it will void your warranty though. You could probably bring it to the Apple store and have them install it for you, but that's just flushing money down the drain.

I would just void the warranty and replace the drive. If it's the macbook is the newest of the new though, it's going to be impossible to replace the hard drive without breaking something.