SSD for 9yo family laptop


I’m searching for a new ssd for quite old family laptop.

It is a 9 year old Dell Vostro 1015 equipped with Sata2 hard drive.
Laptop is used mainly as internet browser, mail client, photo viewer and spreadsheet editor. Still waiting for windows to boot (even clean) off 5400rpm is annoying.

Target size is ~250GB.

Traditionally, I’ve been swapping hdds for Samsung Evos. Now considering its life - 9 years, I don’t expect it to last more than let’s say 3 years (lack of w10 drivers), I find 50 € more than I am willing to spend.

Are there any reasonable alternatives?
From big brands, following are offered in my country: adata, samsung, wd green/blue, kingston, crucial, intel, gigabyte, patriot, seagate, verbatim.

I was looking to spend max 40 euros. If it was more, I would rather take time-proven samsung (I’ve upgraded countless machines for friends, never saw them since - machines).

I’m not sure on prices in your location but in Canada the Kingston A400 drives are dirt cheap and have treated me/ the organization I work for very well. We have sold a well over 100 of them so far and not one has come back.

One thing to note is they are 240gb instead of 250gb.

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Crucial BX500 should fit the bill. Cheap but not shit and from a brand that is making the stuff themselves. I have the old BX200 in my 2009 macbook pro and it isn’t dead yet.


So what are the options in your area, that fit your price range?

The super cheap ones are likely QLC flash and no dram, but that doesn’t matter for your application.

Agree with those saying Kingston A400 or Crucial BX500

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Filtering the offer, these are available for under 40.
Adata SU630, 650, SU800
Kingston A400
Crucial BX500

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All of those brands gets the thumbs up from me. I own drives from all three, no problems.

I guess if you want something to narrow the choice down, look at warranties, should be in TBW (terabytes written).

Just about anything is going to be an upgrade for that old laptop. The laptop will crap out before any DRAM-less SSD hits their TDW limit. Silicon Power A55, Crucial BX500, Adata SU630, TeamGroup Lite 3D are all decent cheap options

Basically any of the low end but reasonable brand 240gb SSDs will be fine.

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Hello guys,
I would like to thank all of you for the input.

Without you I wouldn’t even know, that there are DRAM and DRAM-less SSDs.
After little reading online and Linus’s explanation of dram-less I decided to go safe and take 250gb 860 Evo.

Since I decided to go with dram, cheapest I could buy was SU800 for 45€ or add 5€ more for tested 860.


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