SSd for 1080p recording

Ok so i like to play games and record for youtube i use dxtory and i ran the becnhmark and i get 50 - 60 mb/sec

Now i would like to record 1080p videos apparently i ahve a problem, apparently i need over 100mb/sec? ( correct me if wrong. having recorded in 1080p with 60mb/sec the video output and my game was laggy ( i was playing of 60 fps prior recording ) apparenty if i got an ssd  my write speed would be better = better footage right? 

can someone please tell me what i should get and maybe give me a few links ! thanks 

Specs - Gtx 550 ti ,  Fx 4100, $gb Ram , Normal 500gb HDD

youtube channel below!

your computer just doesn't have the oomph for 1080p recording. need better gfx, and at least double the ram.

Well im recording bad company 2, skyrim etc   ( my card meets the high requiremnts for those games ) so i get a solid 60!!!!! why ram ? how does it help? be more specific