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SSD caching any free alternatives to PrimoCache?



I have previously used PrimoCache on my machine to speed up games that are on my HDD. However my trial has ended and I was wondering if there is any free alternatives out there? My hardware is rather old and does not have all the new features that works good with caching. My machine is an old 2500k with an Asrock P67 extreme 4 motherboard and my SSD is the Intel 520.


i’m not aware of any on windows that aren’t paid.


I looked around a couple of months ago but ended up simply buying PrimoCache.

You might want to simply save up for a new SSD though. The prices have been dropping recently and seem to be continuing to do so this year. Nothing beats having your favorite stuff directly on an SSD.


I looked for alternatives a while ago but ended up buying primo cache. In my opinion it’s worth the $30.