SSD and HDD speeds

So, i decided to test my ssd speeds just out of curiosity, i downloaded a software called Parkdale and ran a speed test on my ssd.

I was expecting high results, something like 450 or 500mb/s but what i got was 140 write speed and 221 read and on my sotorage drive i got 100 write and 102 read


sooooo... i guess this is not normal???

btw, i'm using a kingston hyperX 3K 120GB and a wd green 2tb

Never heard of Parkdale try this one instead.

Also how long have you had your SSD, do you have TRIM enabled, etc. Tell us as much about your usage experience with the drives as you are willing.

tested with crystalmark and it gave me this: 

Trim is enabled and i install all my software in the ssd except games

i have the ssd for about 2 months now

Those number are pretty wonky, even for a 3k. You mentioned all of your sofware except for games. Do you have videos, music, images, or files that get used and/or moved around a lot on your SSD? Do you defrag your SSD...?

If so unless there is something else going on that you don't realise yet or are not telling me you may have a bricked piece. By bricked I mean the lifespan of your controllers are a fraction of what they should be, and if you did either of the above it would be diminished even further. Use it for 6 more weeks and run the tests again.

Usually I would only put the OS, games, browser, and my adobe programs on an SSD. Things that need the extra speed boost that won't destroy the 1 million read/writes in a month.

i have not defraged the ssd,i only have software on it, i keep all the other files on the hdd , images movies games etc...

you need to enable ahci.. my speeds were terrible too till i changed it. 

you also might have a bad cable.. but enable that first 

ahci is enabled, so, maybe it is the cable