SSD Advise

Witch one should i get 

The Kingston Hyper x 3k 480gb

or the Samsung 840 EVO 500gb


the kingston is a bit more expensive but i have a 120gb on and i like it

so i dont really know, the samsung is just a bit faster in writing  

I would go for the Samsung they are solid drives and fast

I can vouch for Samsung SSDs. I have 2x 840 Pro's in RAID-0 for my boot drives and 6x 840 Evo's for storage, they've been fast, reliable and trouble-free since day 1. Plus, extra GBs can't hurt.

Samsung has my vote. I own the 840 Pro, and I can honestly say I'm happy with it.  Best $200 I have ever spent.

i advise the samsung.