Ssd + 32gb of ram = ramdrive

Not really stressing the 32gb's of ram in my system so I decided to put some of the excess to use.. and it was free so what the heck.

Ram drive :)

I have mine set to 4gb virtual memory for windows.

please note, this isnt about any supposed performance increase (if there is any). It's all about saving some of my precious writes (of which there are a finite number) on my ssd.

know performance wise it is probably doing naff all to help most of the time.. but in the very rare instances when it is I would imagine ram talking to ram to be infinitely faster than ram talking to ssd?

I am just annoyed that I couldnt turn it off completely, if I try switching if off completely the performance in starcraft 2 and skyrim suck.. probably other games as well its just those are the only two I am playing at the moment.

oh and if that wasnt bad enough I had one programme tell me when I tried launching it that there wasnt enough memory!?

anyway... just to stress

this isnt about increasing performance, this is about saving unnecessary writes.

If this is completely stupid setup then please feel free to tell me, we are all here to learn :)


If you use imdisk you can do bigger than 4 GB