Ssd 2015

Hi there

I want a new SSD

The SSD is only for OS and Drivers so I only need 120 GB drive.

I want a rely fast SSD for +- 100 $. I have the Samsung 840 pro but its crap and even my 240 GB Kingston Hyper X beats it in Benchmark.


I was looking at the OCZ Technology SSD 120GB SATA3 VECTOR 2,5.



Seriously bro? 840 Pros are slower than Hyper X? Have you tried firmware flash?


Anyway, Vectors are good for the speeds. I can't comment much on the reliability though, I personally uses the newer Vector 150 for my laptop. I had a customer's Vector died in just 2 days after using.

If reliability matters, getting a 850 Pro should be alright.

840 pro's are quite fast - what speeds are you getting? Samsung's 850 when using their TurboWrite tech are in a league of their own, should be able to find one for <$100.

840 Pro is faster than a 3K. The only reason the 3k wins in the benchmark is because it can do the whole Sandforce compression thing which doesn't mean shit because most data can't be compressed. 

OCZ drives were crap. They are a whole new company now and apparently things are better but I still don't trust them. 

The 850 Pro is currently the best SSD available. 

Toshiba owns OCZ now and Toshiba flash has proven to be very fast. I trust their new drives 

Update your firmware or get a 850

For OCZ the only drives you'll want are the Vector 150, Vertex 460, or the ARC100. The brand used to be crap, but they seem to have righted themselves now that they are owned by Toshiba (I own two Vector 150s).

Anyways, as long as it doesn't have a SandForce controller I think pretty much anything will be fine.

As I sad I have my Windows and my drivers installed to the 840 Pro. now my Windows is bugging around (Mouse bug; funny bug with the Taskbar; ...) so I want to reinstall Windows. Is this wise to format an SSD and reinstall everything or is this sending it to hell, in that case I would get a new one.

Reinstalling Windows won't hurt it much. There are a few SSD reliability tests out there that show that most SSDs can handle terabytes of data being rewritten without much happening. Just make sure disk defragmentation is disabled.