SSD 100% load issue


So here's my problem ... sometimes the SSD (I have windows on it and other misc programs) goes all the way to 100% and stays there for about 1-2 min and in the meantime I can mostly do nothing except move the mouse 


I have observed that this doesn't happen when I play games at all ... but it happens more often when I am in Chromne/Opera and also in plain windows + skype 

And it happens most often when I open a new tab in the browsers

I searched a bit and did the uncheck experimental fonts service thing but it has not done anything for me ...


Any ideas what could be the issue .... maybe some fix that you know that works

Thanks in advance :D 

What drive is it? It might just be known issue with the controller.

It's a kingston v300 128Gb

Hmm I'll have to check that ... but my issue is not the performance ... it's that my pc freezes and the ssd is kept at 100% during that time 

other than that the speed is adequate and I have no complaints

I have drive meter gadget and seen that happen a few times, so odd I can't really explain it either.

I guess I'll have to continue with the solo investigation ...  

Go check your bios and see whether your drive is running an IDE mode or AHCI ... When I first had got my Plextor ssd I had the same problem with multiple fresh windows installs ... Make sure the sad is running in AHCi and keep in mind switching it in the bios will corrupt the drive so you have to reinstall windows ... I do remember reading a cmd prompt trick to switch it whit in windows.

there is a registry edit that lets you switch from IDE to AHCI  without corrupting the OS, I would only recommend it to those totally comfy messing around in there. I found it because I am too lazy to reimage

I have a similar problem but with my HDD. It just stops usege goes to 100% and all i can do is meve the mouse. I have windows 8.1 if it makes a diference

+1 That's what I'm talking about ... It's funny because every SSD setup video I watched said to enable AHCI (What is that BTW?) before doing anything else. 3 windows 7 and 8 installs later I was about to RMA it when I remembered to go switch it ... never froze since then.

heres more info on AHCI

OP have you set your swap file to another drive?

hmm ... no the swap file is on the same drive ... but I don't think it ever fills my ram memory ... I have 8gb of ram at the moment .... and rarely I pass 6gb used