SQL Certifications Recomendations


I’m looking to see if some one can give some input on what SQL certifications a beginner might pursue. I’m using a program called Ignition that’s used for SCADA development. I need to be able to deploy a SQL server, maintain it, query etc, it looks like most of the Microsoft certs are all azure based and I’m mainly using on site servers.


Why do you need a cert? Isn’t there a book or two, or some university course on databases and transatlantic processing you could lookup from e.g. MIT opencourseware or similar?

What is the SQL Technology? Are you actually using MSSQL? If so, that would be Transactional SQL (T-SQL) and that would be either Microsoft or Sybase certificate. I have not used it in ages, but I believe Sybase is officially dead.

Either way, look for a junior DBA certificate. If you want to go the MS route, just about everything deals with Azure but but the key points still stand. you would just be dealing with on-premises instead of in the cloud so some configuration acan be skipped