Sprint Mobile...What is your expierence?

I guess this falls under the category of phones because it has to do with the service that Sprint in particular is providing. With coming two years of doing business with them, I can safely and soundly say they are one of the if not worst cell providers of any on the market today.

I don't even know where to start with the autrocity which is Sprint... well let us start at the beginning where I first got a Galaxy S3 from Radioshack under  a Sprint account that my dad had started for me; everything was fine and dandy when all of the sudden they announced 4G and PROMISED me for months that I was going to be 100% covered no matter where i went. That was a blatant lie, I always had spotty 3G service at best when we were paying an absurd amount of money for service.

The real problem didn't arise until they introduced their Framily plan, if you don't know what it is look it up for I will not be explaining it, frankly it's just another scam for them to make more money.

This however was not a problem because at the time I still had my GS3 at the time but unfortunately that broke (simple power button issue that was fixed for $50) so...we had to buy a new phone on the framily plan. Recently my dad wanted a phone as well so we decided to go for another line, we must have tried over 10 times with absolutely no luck...

MY rant is over, but I want to hear yours, I would also like to see this discussed on the Tek because I feel Sprint is doing exactly what Comcast is doing just in the mobile network.

I can only tell people to stay the hell away from Sprint. My brother went to college in NY, apparently Sprint had better coverage up there. Well that was a total lie. So about a year in his iphone 4s died on him and we wanted to switch carries. The rest of my family was on an at&t business plan which was working out pretty well surprisingly. So we wanted him to switch, and that's when shit hit the fan. We tried so many times to cancel with Sprint, took us two months to finally break the contract. It was a fucking nightmare, they are the worse of the worse. Never have heard any good stories about them tbh.

ehh, can't say I have had too many problems. Every provider has their own set of problems.

I myself also a New Yorker, the service i've had with Sprint for 2 years.... ahhh whats worse than Garbage? Basura? Dirt? Nuclear Waste? The NSA? Shit? What ever is worse than Garbage that is where sprint stands. 100 bucks a month for not being capable of making a phone call in my own home, to not being able to use the internet outside EVER. (Cause what's 4G? apparently sprint has never seen it.) and the amount of Bloatware a Phone should ever have on top of what the manufacturer puts on it already. I'm so glad i Bought a Nexus 5 and jumped ship to T-Mobile. cause my service has been next to flawless. Sprint is just the Titanic, Getting ready to hit a Giant Iceberg and sink to the bottom of the ocean.