Spray Painting a Keyboard


I really want to get a keyboard which has nothing printed on the keys. Ive found some but they cost way too much, which doesnt make sense since you pay more for less. oh well.

Now my idea is to buy a cheap (10€) keyboard and spray paint it, i was going to dissasemble it but im not sure whether all the keys are the same....but im also not sure whether spray painting the entire keyboard would damage it.

If anyone has spray painted a keyboard i would really like to know how it turned out. Are the keys sticky? does the paint come off?



Why not just do it with a black permanent marker?

Bit more time consuming, but that seems a lot easier to do, in my opinion.

if you want to black out your keyboard you should yous vinyl dye you can paint it on and you wont have to worry about it coming off. no black sharpie on your hands and you wont destroy your keyboard with spray paint.