Spotted an i5 4440 for $117 and FX 8320E for $90 [UPDATE]

It would probably be better to wait for Zen/Kaby Lake, but damn, an i5 for a mere $117 is pretty crazy. Although the i5 and FX CPU is not as impressive as when it was new.

UPDATE: The i5 deal expired, the FX CPU is still $90.

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for a Haswell i5, that's a damn good deal. I'd still go with a Xeon E3-v3, but for <$120 that isn't at microcenter... that's awesome.

I tend to avoid Microcenter deals since you have to physically go there to get the parts. I usually ignore deals on the FX parts after I bought two 771 quad-core Xeons for less than $5 each. And that wasn't at a yard sale, either, that was hot off the presses from eBay. They're the end-all, be-all of budget CPUs, especially when you overclock them to 3GHz+.

I didn't buy the CPU, and I probably won't take advantage of either deal since I planned on using either Zen or Kaby Lake, which ever one I can grab. Also, aren't those old, refurbished/used CPUs? Refurbished/Used is a bit risky, although I took the risk with Hard Drives recently.

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I know. Whoops. I'll switch the tense around to present.

Both CPU's are really good deal.

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The only CPUs I have ever bought that weren't refurbs were two i3-6100s for me and my brother. The last one before that was an A10-5800K back in 2012, and then an Athlon X2 2200+ in 2008. My i7-2600K, X5450, E5450, dual E5310s, E6550, E6850 and X3220 were all bought used/refurbed. The 2600K will happily crank straight to 5GHz at the drop of a hat. Every single one of the Core 2 CPUs work flawlessly, even on motherboards with broken power delivery socket pins, and they're so dirt cheap that lapping the heat spreaders is both fun and worry-free, even if it's ultimately worthless.

I can't help it. I have a hard-on for old Core 2 equipment. It's the stile in computer history, going from electrolytic capacitors and open-air chokes, to solid caps and chokes for every power regulator on the board. That's when computer hardware really started improving.

Well, the i5 deal didn't last long. It's back to being the price of a typical i5. The FX CPU though is still $90.