Spotify Awarded Patent for Further Spying Capabilities


Well that’s terrifying.

Guess it’s off to another music platform.

Looks like Qobuz might be an option.


Technically anyone has the ability to just disable all permissions for Spotify, but how many people actually do that?

Are there any platforms that actually have a good privacy policy?

I’ve lightly skimmed through Spotify, Qobuz, and Deezer, and they all share data with third parties.

Is there a streaming service that just lets me pay a monthly fee and listen to music without sharing all of my info with other companies I’ve never heard of?

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apple music?

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I’m so glad I cancelled my Spotify subscription.

Yeah, I pay for YouTube Premium now, so I’m safe.


Apple music would make sense if you’re already Applefied I guess.

Have the family plan of that, I split the cost with my brother and parents benefit.

I mean for data privacy, apple is probably the best one to go on and get the streaming service.

I agree from a data privacy perspective. But from a user experience perspective, unless you have a few Apple devices, I think it leaves much to be desired.

Yes, but the beauty of qobuz is that it provides 96khz downloads of albums from a web browser. So I’m using it for that, rather than streaming. Should have specified.

That’s the thing with the Apple ecosystem though, isn’t it? One thing leads to another, and before you know what’s happening you’re unlocking your Tesla with your apple watch, while Siri turns up your heating via HomeKit while you FaceTime the kids on the Air in the living room.

I think doing lines off the iPad pro might just be the sales guys.

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Evolution is constant. Struggle is a requirement. Do not be demoralized.


I am an IT consultant, I am constantly demoralised.

I am, however, Extremely Bloody Minded.


You know there’s a measuring app for that, right?


Yeah. Honestly, this is why Apple can lead data privacy. Because they basically make you dependent on their ecosystem, so there’s less need to monetize your data

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That is… Hilarious, dystopian, and great all at the same time?

I am proud to be an engineer.

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I respectfully and entirely disagree. :smiley:

Tbch, I don’t know that they have this, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

But yes, the image of yuppies doing dosage-corrected lines of coke off a $3000 apple device, with the assistance of an app makes me chuckle. It’s quite possibly the best way to describe the way society is going.

So lemme get this straight. They just let you download songs? Then I can just drag n drop those songs onto my phone and use whatever audio player I want?

I mean, you have to pay for them.

But yes.

Is it like a subscription or individual purchse?