Hey guys, 

      I know you guys are mostly in to techy stuff, but wha tis your favorite sport, (mine is soccer) and if so what is your favorite team of that that sport?



I do Horse riding, dressage and jumping. ☺

Football i love The Green Bay Packers. GO PACK. And minor league Hockey. My favorite team was The Shreveport/Bossier Mud Bugs. But sadly they were so awesome our city got bored of watching them. So the last season the played won the CHL and sold. twas a sad day.  

American Football is definitely the best sport on the planet. If you disagree your opinion is wrong.

Also: college>NFL

I enjoy playing baseball, but watching it is pretty dry unless it is a playoff game. I enjoy playing/watching basketball as well. Maybe I'm just your stereotypical American, but I find soccer pretty boring to watch and haven't really played it competitively. I think the main problem I have with soccer is too many games end in a tie. That and it is the only sport in the world with more flopping than the NBA (and that's really saying something. Crybabies really get on my nerves). One sport I'm trying to get into is hockey. I really enjoy the competitive will to play through some pretty gruesome of injuries. So even though it is relatively low scoring like soccer, there is still plenty of action in the form of physical contact, fights, etc.

Ski jumping and table tennis on TV screen and Speedway live (no other sport smells like that), WRC is great too. No favorites though, the best one is "the best"

.19 miles? Are those stats for offensive linemen? 

EDIT: For the record I have nothing against rugby. But that .19 miles cannot be accurate for any position other than offensive line. Those wide receivers and cornerbacks run their tails of, and it's a full sprint the entire time. Running nearly 25 mph when you are 6-5/230+ lbs like Calvin Johnson is freak athleticism. I'll give the nod to rugby players in terms of endurance, but you wouldn't say Usain Bolt is less athletic than a defensive tackle even though defensive tackles run a farther total distance would you?

Bear Down.

NFL: Dallas (sigh)

Soccer: Leicester City + Germany

My old roommate was a cowboys fan. He was always miserable because of it. I have to admit though, Tony Romo takes a ton of undue criticism largely because you guys have no defense. But it makes all your games fun to watch.

He'll always be remembered for one interception, and never the amazing feats that he does achieve. Romo's got some very favourable passing stats, especially in 4th quarter comebacks. They have a fantastic RB, but he gets injured quite frequently. The defense didn't look very good in our preseason game.

Fantastic sport, though. It poops on rugby. I try to catch all the games, and only really support Dallas as a semi-neutral fan of the sport. It's much more exciting to pick a team, and I didn't want to pick any super bowl contender.

I'm a steelers fan myself, though that's because I'm from Pittsburgh. I find it much easier to get into college football though. There is so much more pageantry that goes into college sports and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. 

Yeah, I think people should support their home-team. But, I wasn't born in the US, so it was a coin flip between 'boys and Dolphins. Those were the first teams I knew of! A friend of mine supports Steelers, he has family somewhere near Pitt.

It's the strategy that I love most of all. I understand what you're saying about college football. I have seen some great plays in that league, and they appear to be a little longer and more dramatic. It's rare that we get rewarded with a J Simpson flip (yeah, fuck you, rugby!), a very rare treat indeed. However, I am more familiar with the big league. Only time I watch the college games is when I go to a US sports cafe in London.

Hockey. Everything else sucks

I don't really play sports but my top favorite would be (American) football. Favorite team would be the Colts, but that was before they got rid of pretty much the entire team.

Drag racing is the only sport I'll watch, most ball sports are not very interesting to me

Edit: Favorite driver is Tony Schumacher

The only sport I participate in is Archery but i do watch V8 Supercars, F1 and touring races. If I had the money I would get into professional goarting But at the cost to get into it you end up spending more than a mid range second hand sports car.

Baseball. Love to play it, watch it, and go to the games. Favorite team is Baltimore Orioles. Always has been, always will be.

There is no way. You would run more than that just moving to the new line of scrimmage every time the ball advances. 0.19 miles is about 334 yards. That is less than the average total offense of one team in a football game. This means that the center (an offensive lineman, one of the least mobile positions) would travel this distance just to keep up with the line of scrimmage. Once you factor in the fact that wide receivers and defensive backs are running down field or side to side on every play the average would have to be much higher than that.  

I've played both, and rugby is child's play by comparison.