Spoofing my IP in Skype

Is there a way to make my IP appear different than my real one through Skype?  As we all know Skype is notorious for getting people's IPs; it has happened to me a few times as well.  Or can I force Skype to use a different connection?  


It is really annoying when kids use booters they buy on you.

I thought that the exploit to find out the IP of skypers was remedied in the latest update, except on GNU/Linux distros, which pretty much still use the old pre-Microsoft client basically (even though it was also fixed on non-GNU/Linux Android distros with the newest couple of updates that make it a very annoying and unstable affair, but I'm sure that's not intentional, right Microsoft?)?

It is still there.

You can proxy Skype.

Go get yourself a VPS at LowEndBox.com and tunnel your Skype and everything you do over SSH to there.