Spoofing devices on network to go to webpage

Hi, I am working on a project for just because I can not for any malicious reasons.
Anyway, you know when you go to an airport or school and your mobile device requires you to sign into a webpage to access the internet? Well what I am trying to do is to spoof mobile devices on a network so they think they have to sign into the network and so then it forces them to go to this webpage before they can do anything.

Anyone got any ideas on this? Thanks,

Well what you could do it put another Wi-Fi access point closer to the client computer with a webpage setup so the user will hopefully connect to it over the original router.

ARP spoofing will do the trick -http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARP_spoofing
It is quite noisy and will be able to be detected by an IDS if that is of concern

PFsense router and some other have that proxy functionality already on them.


I mean, let's say we're in a school situation all the students who to join the student wireless so they all join that how would you spoof all of the devices then?

I think this might be the solution...

isn’t this just a MITM attack?

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Hey, I don’t think the poster has posted in like 4 years, and this thread is from like 6 years ago… maybe xfroggy will come back?

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but, as the thread not locked yet, I wonder if the OP wanted to set up a captive portal, to require visiting a web page, or to impersonate the router to do a man in the middle attack as skypickle suggested.

OP does mention spoofing…