Spoofing all websites to one page

I'm wondering how can redirect ALL webpages to another webpage. For example, http://google.com ---> http://youareanidiot.org

I know there is some kind of DNS spoofing involved, but I'm not sure how to do it. For this I will be running the latest Kali Linux.

Well depends; are you in control of a local DNS? Do you need to intercept the traffic on a "unknown" network, that is not yours? (<- which is illegal without explicit ok from the owner!)

If you control the network, DHCP and DNS its easy.. just tell the DNS to resolve every request to the IP that has your "yournidiot" content.

If your on a network you do not controll you have to spoof the ARP request, MITM the DHCP and send the clients your DNS so they resolve against it and than send them to "yournidiot" content.

I might be able to control the DNS,
If I am not able to, how difficult is it to setup that mitm attack?

Why not use a php script with an array of all the websites you are trying to re-direct and then simply have it check using a condition, the URL address that the user types within an if else condition with an output result of the final destination site.

and how to you get the person that wants google.com onto your webserver with that .php in the first place?!?

Maybe I misunderstood the question. but I thought he was just using google as an example not literally... I mean you would need control of Googles DNS to redirect it from server to server..

But if its just your own site or something and you simply want to point people from one page to another then php script will work fine for that.

Than even a tag would be enough; HTML itself is capable of redirecting.

indeed it does, and someone asking how to do it may not be the best candidate to be editing the local host file. And to be fair there is already enough information / clues in this thread to point him in the right direction. If he can't figure it out from there I don't suspect anyone will hold his hand for this as his purpose seems to be gray at best.

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Yeah, I did my part. The knowledge is legal ... the rest the person got to do themselves. No jail for me, not for that skidy stuff ;)

Just wondering, as to the why is this illegal ?
From what I can see the Op is trying to hide internet traffic. And if this is the case would not a vpn do just that and not break laws.
I just interested in understanding not doing.

My understanding, and thus answers were, that OP want's to hijack DNS of clients and than redirect any traffic to his site.
Which would be under some jurisdictions on the globe be illegal when done on foreign networks, that do not belong to OP or where he has no contract with the owner to do so.

I never said it wasn't my network, never said what it was it was for.
I was just wondering if it was possible without having control over the DNS server itself and how difficult it would be.
And its okay, I'm not going to be doing any illegal with it. It's just for education and testing. If I were doing illegal things with it, why would I be posting it on a public forum on my account that would lead back to me.

Anyways, I think I've been pointed into the right direction, Cheers!

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Just a habit to point it out ;-) what one does with the knowledge is not my problem ^^

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Network Spoofer for Android is basically push button.