[SPOILERS] Finally got to Witcher 3 - The Killing of Great Characters in Storytelling

I got me a nice Witcher steelbook trilogy from Poland over the summer. And I finally got to the third game. Still have plenty of game to go - so much content, SHEESH - but that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Given how much I loved the character, I guess you could say I was almost heartbroken over the death of Kalkstein. What a great and memorable character from The Witcher; which altogether was such a memorable game to play through the first time. I especially have to point out the kind of relationship Geralt and Kalkstein had over the course of that game. Dandelion is kind of like Geralt’s bullshit wingman type-of-friend. Geralt’s always there to help him, and usually he needs it. There’s a lot of nice comedic relief from Dandelion and his shenanigans. But Kalkstein was almost sort of like Geralt’s Q. Kalkstein was a huge help to Geralt when he had to take down Salamandra and it was just really disappointing to hear he died off-screen during Radovid’s mage/sorcery purge. I almost can’t stand how they make it seem like he was never in the first game and Geralt doesn’t even seem to react to the news of his death. I’ve seen that in plenty of games, though. Pretending like previous games never even happened. Such a shame. Dijkstra told me about his plan to take out Radovid. And I thought it was extreme at first then remembered who was responsible for Kalkstein’s death. I will gladly kill that asshole.

Kalkstein got Tom Hagen’d.

GG, CDPR. You really fucked this up.

I didn’t get the impression from the first game that Geralt cared about Kalkstein. I do wish that The Witcher games would allow you to RP more though. I think it’s one of the weaknesses of TW3 that makes it more an action RPG.

I finally got to Skellige. PLEASE tell me I can get revenge on those asshole An Craite pirates? Geralt seemed to kind of brush it aside.

They (CDPR) probably decided that Kalkstein wasn’t important enough to make it into the released game. That being said, I also believe that there might have been the initial idea of Kalkstein being in the Novigrad’s story-line of the game, but this might have been cut for two reasons.

  1. Content they had to cut because of roadmap/time issues
  2. There already are a lot of important characters in Novigrad

I also second @Aryvandaar’s impression that Geralt doesn’t care that much about Kalkstein. However, I do disagree on the RP part since I prefer to play different shades of Geralt. Why? It makes the story more engaging and not so generically boring as Skyrim.

@Prenihility Which pirates?

Concerning W3: The thing that annoys me most is how Triss’ story/romance is handled and how the game forces Yennefer onto the player.

The ones that attack Wolverstone’s boat.