[SPOILERS] Can we start calling the Fire Strike Heroine "Professor Helen Clay?" (Dr Who Xmas Special discussion)

I mean seriously…

VS the Fire Strike Heroine on the right…

But seriously, way to go for making such a brilliant off-finite curve episode with both generations of the Doctor! His name is Simple Doctor, but he’s no dummy…

Such a feel good episode too, with the WWI truce scene.

Those that have seen it, what did you think?

Is Peter Capaldi still the Doctor?
I know I am the plague of the Doctor Who Fanbase, but I really enjoyed David Tennant the most.

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No. It’s a woman now. First time the doctor is female!

It’s okay, everyone still loves Tennant.


OUKAY… That sounds interesting. Is it interesting? Is it time for me to join The Doctor again? Oh man :smiley:

Yup, it’s going to get very interesting now that Steven Moffat left the show. Xmas special was his last episode.

It’ll be interesting to see how Jodie Whittaker pulls off the Doctor. The Doctor is supposed to be a clever, confident, gallavanting figure with an loud voice and an iron head, but every time I hear the name “Jodie Whittaker”, I think of the quiet, nervous, lack-of-confidence-itself dormouse of a character she played in Return to Cranford.

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I don’t know if any other Dr. Who fan feels the same way, but the fact they changed the Doctors character from a man to a woman has ruined the series for me, so the last Doctor Who episode I’ll probably watch is the Christmas episode. I am not trying to start a flame war just stating my opinion and what I prefer. Well, I guess the enjoyment of a series had to end sometime. I got fifty-five years of enjoyment out of it, but it is so sad to leave.:sob:

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To be completely honest, a lot of the dialogue from the actors makes the decision smell a lot to me like “We made this decision because Feminism”. But that opinion starts flame wars nowadays, so… i dunno. I think pulling off a female Doctor well is possible, but I don’t think Whittaker is the person for the job.

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The Tumblr fan base has ruined the series have no idea what is going on with that show. Second and fourth doctor are the best anyway.

Well my favorite caracter has alway’s been River Song, and she would make a hell of a doctor.
ps the doctor is a shapeshifting ancient alien so i don’t see a problem with either male/female.

I stopped watching way before that.

Nor do I, but if Jodie’s Doctor turns out to be an emotionally-unstable nervous wreck and starts crying in a situation where her predecessors would not have, I’m going to start laughing. Then, while laughing, I’m going to stand up from my chair, reach for the mouse, close the tab, and never watch Doctor Who ever again.

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Steven Moffat would write the Doctor as a trainwreck. Fortunately, he left the show, and most fans just had issues with him writing the Doctor into trainwrecks.

He left the show his last trainwreck though… The chorus of this song taken literally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lWJXDG2i0A

LOL that like saying in playing mass effect with femshep her aim is of and she couldn’t run, cuz wimin. I would be very much surprised if they make that kind of caracter change. Butt i have to admit that after Amy stopped i needed some time to get into Clara.

hmmm stil needed to be born in '63 when it started have seen them later, but going back to the oldies is a little cringy “cgi” wasn’t so good in the 60/70’s

It was around Matt Smith I stopped watching. I grew up with the older episodes on PBS.

Liked the first few series of the DW reboot. Only watched a couple of the latest series, lost interest and moved on.

Doubt we will get a revive out of this but we’ll see.