[SPOILERS!]Breaking Bad finale

I dont think everything has sunk in. Its over. The story is finished.

I have never been so emotionally attached to a show like I have been with Breaking Bad. What a fitting ending for all the characters. Jessie's freedom, the nazi downfall, Lydia's demise, Badger and Skinny Pete getting some hard earned benjies, Todd dying by the hands of his slave. & Walt, well words hardly do it justice. Overall everyones story was wrapped up so nicely.

I love the series. I'll buy the blu-ray box set and enjoy it for many more years to come.

So I suppose share what the ending of the show meant to you. Did it meet you expectations? Though it was good/bad?

It gave me such fulfillment 

It seems fitting that Jesse made it. He has been through quite a bit of torture. I also thought its fitting that Walter died in the lab. 

It wrapped up everything nicely and I enjoyed it... But it was a tad underwhelming as I had a very good idea on what was going to happen. Don't get me wrong, I was on the edge of my seat when they were about to just take Walt out back, but I was just waiting for something to really surprise me... Which it didn't. I am pleased with how Walt went out though and am VERY relieved that they didn't follow up with some cheesy flash forward where everything is happy-go-lucky or hinting at some sort sequel.

I've yet to watch an episode of this show. I despise waiting a week between episodes during a season and find waiting a whole summer (or longer) for a new season to be unacceptable. I feel this way about all TV shows, I refuse to watch them until they're done making new ones and I can watch the series at my own pace. As well, this allows the hysteria over a series to cool, allowing me to get REAL reviews from people. I did this with both Lost and Seinfeld. Seinfeld was amazing. I'll just say I'm glad I didn't wait for the ending of Lost like all the die hards did!

I was hoping that after all he had put him through, Jesse would end up killing Walt. But the way the scene ended, I'm so glad he didn't. It was the one and only time that Jesse said "No," and put himself in a position over Walt. It was just as gratifying as it would have been had he picked up his own gun and taken Walt's life without him ever planning it. 

You should put [SPOILERS] in the thread title.

I feel horrible knowing that it was the last ever episode.

I was introduced to breaking bad late. Started to watch when series 3 was out and have become addicted to the show ever since. As it is now over I feel that a void has opened and now have nothing to watch that's in the same league of the show. 

RIP Breaking Bad. You'll be seriously missed. 


(Over dramatic I know. :P)


How do you know he is dead? you never know there maybe a new series.

It was a great show and the ending was good. tied things up and redeemed Walt in a way. i mean he left his family broken and battered but for all the pain he caused he  was able to save some of his humanity by saving Jessie, and ending the production of his blue meth which in the end only caused misery too. In the end he did do what he originally set out to do and that was to provide for his family after his death.