SPICE key repeat not working on Looking Glass

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open up notepad
  • Type anything longer than 3 characters
  • Press and hold the Backspace key

Expected behavior:

  • The text gets deleted as long as the Backspace key is being pressed

Current behavior:

  • Only one character is deleted as if the Backspace key was pressed only once

Additional information:

  • Also tested QXL display with Spice and keyboard repeat functionality is working as expected

Please try remove the keyboard device and only add a PS/2 keyboard.

I’m already using a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, there are no other input devices such as USB or Tablet mouse or keyboard

This is the keyboard type I currently have
<input type="keyboard" bus="ps2"/>

Is there something else I can check?

Sorry, it’s one of the combinations that works properly and it’s been a while since I used libvirt. Please try the virtio keyboard.

The reason LG suffers from this is because QEMU is inconsistent in how it handles keyboard input through the different keyboard devices. IIRC the libvirt spice client actually suffers the same issue but in reverse.

Thanks for the hint, actually I had to add an USB keyboard (PS/2 keyboard can not be removed through virt-manager or virsh). Key repeat is working fine now and mouse doesn’t seem to be affected by the USB keyboard.