Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy sequel/ Fan remake?

First off I know that must of you never heard of the game but it's one of the best ps2/game cube generation games in my opinion (and I have a lot of the games from this generation including both god of war games and GTA SA) that had an ending crying for a sequel.

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphinx_and_the_Cursed_Mummy Wikipedia article for those who don't know it.

 For those of you who do, I would love to see a sequel/HD remake with voice acting for this game. I can't code, draw, or develop a game in any way but I would love to see it happen if any of you are interested.


PS. I am willing to learn code just to help with this game, also I am quite aware that it was a console title but since it's a possible fan project it won't hit consoles. Admins move this post if my logic is wrong.