Spending $400 dollars + on gpu reccomendations?

Spending around $400 on a gpu for my 1st build i'm looking at the gtx 670 ftw from EVGA but i'm open to any others just wondering if i should grab it soon as it's $40 off with rebate on newegg at the moment, but my card doesnt have to be nvidia. I only plan on using 1 moniter i just want something that will last.  = )

the max i would want to spend is around $450


here is the gpu i'm looking at currently.



Buy a 7970. Way faster than a 670 IMO, only gets beat at NVidia based games. Plus it has 3GBs of ram, which will be the norm in a few years. This will last you for a long time. Today's games are no sweat for this card. Games in the future will be easy for it. Heck, a 7870 or 660 Ti will also last you a few years. If you're not sure, note that it competes with the more expensive 680, and when you oc it, you can past that 680.

Just my opinion, though.

ok thanks did  u have a particular brand in mind or will any of em get the job done?

Most of the time, it's a matter of preference. But of course, anyone would like an aftermarket cooler and/or a factory oc. Especially with the 7970, these devils run hot. I'd say Gigabyte, ASUS, XFX( not so much on this one, but just my preference), HIS( the IceQ ones), Sapphire and MSI( might want to stay away from this for a while, if I remember correctly, they overvolted some of their NVidia cards). A good deal right now is a Gigabyte 7970 1.0Ghz WindForce( 3 fans). Look it up at PCPARTPICKER, it's on for $400. Only problem is that it is huge, it's 285mm to be exact. ASUS DirectCUII is also around 275mm-280mm, though

Sapphire Dual X 7970 OC version, with the new 12.11 drivers the 7970 trashes 670s and beats 680s. Plus 3GB vs. 2GB. 7970 without a doubt.

7970 ghz edition, go with sapphire (not the 6 gig one, that's just dumb)